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Great for soothing or reliving stress. This exfoliating sugar is infused with organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, natural vitamin E oil, organic olive oil, natural shea butter, natural kokum butter, natural mango butter, natural candelilla wax, organic raw cane sugar, organic eucalyptus, lemon, and sage essential oil. It's miraculous on dry legs, elbows, and anywhere else that suffers from dry, flaky skin, it leaves skin smooth, refreshed, and delicately scented. Use twice a week or as needed.
Ingredients used

Kokum Butter

  • Contains omega-6 and omega-6 which help your body sustain healthy skin cell membranes to prevent damage
  • Helps heal ulcers, fissures and cracks of hands and soles of feet
  • Soften and restores skin flexibility 

Natural Shea Butter

  • Contains vitamin A, E, and F which aid in protecting the skin, sealing moisture, and skin rejuvenation 
  • Has anti-inflammatory and healing properties
  •  Great for sensitive skin as it helps with skin irritations

Mango butter

  • Also contains vitamin A, E, and additionally vitamin C which aid in fighting free radicals (molecules that are damaging) in the skin 

  • Helps with collagen production which slow degeneration of cells resulting in wrinkles

  • Widely used to treat symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and other dry skin conditions

Organic Olive Oil

  • Packed full of fatty acids, and antioxidants 

  • Hydrates the skin by building the skin's moisture barrier to prevent loss of moisture

Organic Jojoba Oil

  • Full of vitamin E and B, as well as antioxidants and minerals like chromium, copper, and zinc, which all nourish and protect skin.

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties which help tame chaffing and chapping, ease the effects of eczema, and keep skin calm and comfortable.

Organic Coconut Oil
  • Contains high levels of linoleic acid, an unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid, which can be used as an emollient and skin soother. 

  • Help to restore the skin’s natural PH levels thus leaving it soft and smooth

Natural Vitamin E oil 
  • Prevents or treats dry, flaking skin by restoring moisture.

  •  Is an effective emollient and is a very gentle and effective way of getting rid of your skin’s impurities.

  • Helps soothes dermatitis and eczema

Candelilla Wax
  • Vegan alternative to bees wax

  • Is non comedogenic. (Does not clog pores)

  • Contains rich amount if vitamin A which is beneficials to sun spots and aging skin

Arrowroot powder
  • Contains zinc, iron, potassium, and vitamin B6

  • Provides relief to skin irritations

  • absorbs excess oil while promotion healing in the skin 

Organic Raw Cane Sugar
  • Is a natural humectant and antioxidant, which helps to absorb moisture from the environment and binds it to you skin 

  • It's a natural source of glycolic acid (natural acid that works by removing the top layers of dead skin) which aids in cell turnover allowing younger looking skin

Organic Sage oil

  • Calms Skin conditions such as athlete's foot and dermatitis

  • Eases muscular and joint pains

  • Aids in eliminating scars

Organic Eucalyptus oil

  • Treats eczema and acne flair ups 

  • promotes wound healing 

  • provides pain relief for minor scrapes and cuts

Organic Lemon Oil 

  • Helps to clarify the skin 

  • kills bacteria that gets trapped in pores

  • gently exfoliates dead skin cells 

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