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Uniq 2U is a magnificently abundant online store dedicated to bringing you items in your style, whatever that may be. They have an array of unique products that will fit any type of genre. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful sun dress or state-of-the-art camera drones, you’ve come to the right place. Uniq 2U is dedicated to bringing you the best of whatever your style may be. This store has been family owned and operated since 2012 and will continue to bring you customer satisfaction.

Let’s talk a little about some of the selections at this one-of-a-kind online store. The Survival Gear section of the store is on point. There are a few compasses to choose from, including a 5 in 1 Watch equipped with a compass, parachute rope, multi function watch, a fire starter flintstone, a whistle, a magnesium rod, and a snap blade.  How’s that for McGyver type survival?!

For the less macho and more dainty, the jewelry section boasts beautiful designs from all over the world. The Para-cord Charm, Multi Layered Bracelet is a beautiful addition to a nautical and classic coastal outfit, or a Boho style chic dress. Adorned with a large selection of colorful accents, 18 to be exact, this bracelet is one of our top sellers in the jewelry section. Each one comes with a beautiful charm that is unique to your tastes. Choose from kissing doves, the Eiffel Tower, boat anchors and so many more charms.

 We love the nurses in our lives which is why we’ve created the Nurse Gear section of our shop. They give selflessly and help to make life a little better in times of need. What better way to show your appreciation than to gift your favorite nurse with one of our beautiful necklaces, such as the Heartbeat Pendant Necklace or the Vintage Medical Stethoscope Nurse Necklace. These are sure to be great gift ideas for the nurse in your life.

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